Apple iPad is iBad and Defecetive By Design Protest
Yerba Buena Theater, San Francisco
January 27, 2010

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[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory [IMG] web-SANY0038.JPG In the line to see Apple's latest Restriction [Yerba Buena Theater, January 27, 2010] [IMG] web-SANY0041.JPG FSF's John Sullivan talks to CurrentTV, [impersonating Steve Jobs ;-)] [IMG] web-SANY0042.JPG FSF's John Sullivan talks to CurrentTV [IMG] web-SANY0047.JPG Entering Apple Restriction Zone poster [IMG] web-SANY0048.JPG Mike is walking the poster ... [IMG] web-SANY0052.JPG ... and one more shots with poster [IMG] web-SANY0057.JPG Crowd at the theater's entrance (I, actually, expected much bigger crowd) [IMG] web-SANY0058.JPG The iPad is iBad but brought media's attention [IMG] web-SANY0061.JPG The FSF protest brought attention too ... [IMG] web-SANY0062.JPG ... [IMG] web-SANY0063.JPG ...